• Resources List

    Here are a list of resource that anyone in the school can access to help aid their students in their instruction
    Self enrolment: Resources List
  • Students learn to use the following mathematical processes:
    • communicate mathematically
    • connect mathematical ideas to everyday experiences and to other subject areas
    • use estimation and mental mathematics where appropriate
    • apply new mathematical knowledge to problem solving
    • reason and justify their thinking
    • use appropriate technologies to solve problems
    • use visualization to assist in problem solving, processing information and making connections.
    Self enrolment: Math 9
  • Career and Technology Studies (CTS) is an optional program designed for Alberta’s secondary school students. CTS helps junior high and senior high school students to:
    • develop skills they can apply in daily living now and in the future
    • investigate career options and make effective career choices
    • use technology (processes, tools and techniques) effectively and efficiently
    • apply and reinforce learnings developed in other subject areas
    • prepare for entry into the workplace or further learning.
    Self enrolment: Industrial Arts