• This site contains information related to Westwind PD initiatives. It also contains information for the 07-08 High School Social teacher's project based learning initiative, and the 08-09 Level 1 tech training initiative.
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  • This is a brief course designed to train teachers on the use of video conferencing equipment in Westwind School Division.
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    Self enrolment: AISI mentoring
  • This course is designed to help teachers learn what computerized resources are available to customize learning for individual contexts. It will include information about success maker, learning academy, and ADLC's K&E programs and other ADLC resources.
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  • This is a professional development course designed for current teachers or education students. The course focuses on the use of demonstrations as a means to encourage student learning. While it is focused toward mid to senior level science teachers, the course will benefit anyone with an interest in hands on learning. There are four main components to this course:

    1. Exploration of demonstrations
    2. How to use demonstrations to encourage student learning
    3. Creating an actual demonstration
    4. Publishing your demonstration online with necessary supporting information
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  • This course contains resources associated with a 50 minute moodle training course.
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  • This is a one month course designed to work through introductory topics in moodle. Topics include:
    1. adding assignments
    2. creating course content
    3. checking student grades

    If you are interested in participating in this course, please contact Chris Goble, or your PD representative.
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  • This course contains resources associated with a 3 hour moodle training session
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